Wind-Powered Knitting Machine

This machine uses the power of the wind to knit one continuous sock. It harvested from time to time and sections are labeled with the time it was knit. Very cool.

Be sure to check out the video in the link below.

Wind Knitting Factory via CRAFT

Picture of Wind-Powered Knitting Machine
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Gardsvision7 years ago
 WOW! Does anyone know how i could make that it's would be pretty amazing to have that! And we have lots of snow here!!
centrd8 years ago
what an amazing thing...I've got the wind, just need to find a machine.
Brilliant! I used to do corking as a kid, and would sew the tubes into coils.. The coils made coasters and placemats. I think your coil could be croched together to make a lovely throw rug. Hmmmmmmmm you could also use your creation as reallly long legs for a giant spider :0)
Something quite creepy about the concept of one continuous sock...
Yeah a sock for a snake
Not weird at all. Sock knitters use one thread, so if you cut the tube, it doesn't ravel out too bad. Here, you would cut the tube a little longer than the length of sock you want, pull out the yarn a little, and crochet one end open and one end closed. This would make tube socks. This one appears to be making scarves, so they would be made about the same, but with both ends crocheted shut. That's one of the old, really good knitting machines. I guess the new ones wouldn't stand up to that much use, but I would hate to leave it exposed to the elements.
ItsTheHobbs8 years ago
That's COOL!
Rotten1948 years ago
The sock is 'harvested'. That's insanely creepy D:.