Window Blinds

I have an airconditioner unit (old style) that sticks out about 5 inches (12cm.) further than the frame. Into the kitchen. I currently have curtains but want to have blinds of some kind for a more modern look. How can I have blinds if the place for attachment is not the same across the window. Any help will be usefull, I'm stuck.

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Meefirst2343 years ago

My advice would be to get any type of window covering as long as it doesn't cover the air conditioner, so people can see that it is there and don't bump into it or something when covered by a curtain for example. There are a lot of blinds retailers out there with good offers like this one for example: As a manufacturer as well as a retailer, we can offer customisations to suit almost any need you have - custom made blinds are a speciality of ours! Whether you need high-quality, low-cost Venetian blinds to outfit a whole office building or a unique set of natural wooden blinds for your lounge, take a look at what we offer. There's a huge range of fabrics and colours to choose from, all made to the highest standards in our own factories.

A cut out roller blind just wouldn't look too flattering in my opinion. I would recommend you install them inside the recess and not from the ceiling. Hope this helped!

craftyv (author)  Meefirst2343 years ago
Not really. The point was that there is no room in the recess BECAUSE of the AC but only in that section. The other window recesses are normal. thanks for the reply.
Kiteman4 years ago
How about a blind that unrolls down?

Instead of the roll being fixed at the top, and you roll the loose edge down, fix the loose edge at the top, and roll a bar/thick dowel down, unrolling the blind as you go.

That way, you could create a cut-out in the blind that exactly matches the AC unit.

Decorate the blind with some sort of industrial / mechanistic / dystopian imagery, and the AC unit will blend right in.
i read this 4 times and have no idea what your describing. But I would like to see a picture.

My suggestion is to install some Venetian Blinds. They attach at the top of the window frame with 4 screws (two each side) either inside the window frame or outside on the edge and hang down.
You pull a string to lower or raise them and you have a stick on the other side to open and close them.
They lower all the way to the front of the ac unit.
Do these sketches help?
I see you prefer android instead of apple :-)
I don't know how common those types of window treatments are but the only time i seen one of them was when i worked in a building that was built in the '40s that had a notice posted on the door saying unfit to work in. But then again I am not no expert or nothing on window treatments.
craftyv (author)  thematthatter4 years ago
Sorry I was unclear. I'm not good at posting pictures as I do it so rarely it wont stick in my brain. I suppose the reason it's a problem is to cover the window and the AC I would have to hang from the ceiling not the window frame. I'm still thinking thanks for your ideas.
What about a tv entertainment cabnet. The ones used for the fat CRT tvs, they are too narrow for the new skinny tvs so people throw them out all the time. Take the back off and push it infront of the AC and window. When you want to use the ac or window just open the doors. See second picture on this page
craftyv (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Thank you for your idea. Now I must get my head around it and give it a go. Thanks.