Window or glass film that lets light pass through, deflects heat. Does it exist?

Just wondering is there such a thing? If it does, what would it be called?

I'm looking for some kind of window film that can maximize the natural sunlight coming in, yet at the same time deflect most (if not all) of the heat. Some kind of film that can be layered/sticked onto windows, glass.

Been googling around to no avail. Any kind of help is appreciated

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Toga_Dan1 year ago

stuff in my car passes most(not all) visible light. You can still feel some heat from sun.

Goodhart1 year ago

It is a very common commodity in AZ. In fact, its nearly a requirement to keep cooling costs down. Cut it with a scissors, and squeegee it on with some water to keep the squeegee from snagging. It works great.

Toga_Dan1 year ago

auto parts place.

Thank you everyone for sharing information.

Oliverjack1 year ago

It is very easy to find such window film. You can google this windoe film with query "heat reduction window film". This type of film stop the harmful ultraviolet rays by 99%.

If you are in Montreal,you can check

I havent used this window film but one of my friend told me about this

scottsmith6 years ago
if you're in North America maybe these dudes, they appear to sell DIY kits.

I haven't used them specifically but am considering it as a cheaper retro-fit alternative to window replacement.

I know the original post is sort of old but it's something I'm looking into now.

lemonie7 years ago

I don't know what you Googled, but this was dead-easy to find:

caitlinsdad7 years ago
I've used some of that sunfilm stuff by Gila? found at home centers. It is similar to the tinting you can get on car windows. It will reduce the amount of sunlight coming in and block the harmful UV rays in turn blocking some of the energy that heats up the inside of the house. I don't think it really blocks the IR part that carries the heat but helps overall. You can get it in a light tint to that mirror look for privacy. You just position it on your clean window with soapy water and the adhesive and static make it cling pretty well.