Windows 8

So now that the developer preview for Windows 8 has been out for awhile, I figured I would ask and find out what everyone thinks about it.  Personally I don't like it, but I'm just curious what you think about it.  No right or wrong answer, just opinions.  :)

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nurdee15 years ago
I haven't used windows 8 any, but considering it came out very soon after windows 7 I imagine it isn't very much different than windows 7.
thegeeke (author)  nurdee15 years ago
Actually, it is very different from 7. I liked 7, didn't mind vista, etc. but if Microsoft doesn't make some major changes to the GUI, I don't even think I will buy 8. It reminds me of a Mac interface. I personally don't like the Mac interfaces, but they are better than 8. It just seems like a cheap imitation of Apple. They are reinventing the wheel, etc. I would suggest using it on virtualbox since it's free at this point. Just to see what you think. (cause you are a Mac guy... Right? Or maybe I'm thinking of someone else?) I would be interested to hear what Mac users think as well as PC.

No I don't use macs. I have used pretty much every windows OS between 95 and XP. I have only used 7 a little bit but it doesn't do that much for me. I relly don't like microsoft in general but I kind of half to live with it. Although I do use Ubuntu linux for whatever I can.
thegeeke (author)  nurdee15 years ago
I understand. There is someone on this site I get into Mac vs pc debates with... I must have got you two mixed up. :)
I'm still on XP. It may be a while before i can build a new PC and justify upgrading to a new OS. So Win9 may be out before then. lol