Windows 8

So now that the developer preview for Windows 8 has been out for awhile, I figured I would ask and find out what everyone thinks about it.  Personally I don't like it, but I'm just curious what you think about it.  No right or wrong answer, just opinions.  :)

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Minizatic2 years ago
I've used Windows 8 for a little while, and it's tolerable. The UI is interesting and it's compatible with older Windows programs. The bad thing is, it wiped out my Ubuntu installation that wasn't even on the same hard drive. It also is susceptible to crashing. But it's free. You get what you pay for.
thegeeke (author)  Minizatic2 years ago
Yes... it is free, but I think it has an expiration date. I didn't look to closely when I installed it, but I got the impression that it would just stop working on a certain date. I'm surprised that it wiped out another installation on another drive... did it totally wipe it out, or just corrupt it?

Thanks for your input! :)
You're right, it does expire. I think it's sometime in March or April of this year. About the Ubuntu installation, it gave me a blue screen with a frowny face on it that said something about "file not found". So, yeah, it just corrupted it.
thegeeke (author)  Minizatic2 years ago
OK... I was going to say... why in the world would it format a drive other than what it was installing on?!?!?!?! I can somewhat understand it corrupting it. (You could try to re-install Ubuntu... I usually prefer to install Windows before any Linux for that very reason...) :)
nurdee12 years ago
I haven't used windows 8 any, but considering it came out very soon after windows 7 I imagine it isn't very much different than windows 7.
thegeeke (author)  nurdee12 years ago
Actually, it is very different from 7. I liked 7, didn't mind vista, etc. but if Microsoft doesn't make some major changes to the GUI, I don't even think I will buy 8. It reminds me of a Mac interface. I personally don't like the Mac interfaces, but they are better than 8. It just seems like a cheap imitation of Apple. They are reinventing the wheel, etc. I would suggest using it on virtualbox since it's free at this point. Just to see what you think. (cause you are a Mac guy... Right? Or maybe I'm thinking of someone else?) I would be interested to hear what Mac users think as well as PC.

No I don't use macs. I have used pretty much every windows OS between 95 and XP. I have only used 7 a little bit but it doesn't do that much for me. I relly don't like microsoft in general but I kind of half to live with it. Although I do use Ubuntu linux for whatever I can.
thegeeke (author)  nurdee12 years ago
I understand. There is someone on this site I get into Mac vs pc debates with... I must have got you two mixed up. :)
I'm still on XP. It may be a while before i can build a new PC and justify upgrading to a new OS. So Win9 may be out before then. lol