Windows Media Player 11 Mini-Mode (Taskbar) Not Working

You know the thing that appears on your taskbar when you minimize Windows Media Player? With all the buttons (play stop volume etc.)? Well it won't go on the taskbar anymore, it just minimizes like a normal window. The options to enable it as a tool bar is gone too (right click in taskbar>Toolbars>Suppose to say Windows Media Player here).

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I believe I may have solved the problem - that being no mini-mode in taskbar on a xp 32bit machine. (for 64 apparently it is not supported). As it turns out I solved another problem at the same time. My mspaint had disappeared from the computer and eventually I realized that it may have occurred when I removed some windows components through the add - remove programs window. I'd accidentally removed things I'd intended to keep because the process doesn't make it clear when it is removing or adding something. Anyway, popping in the xp cd and re-running this mspaint was back (so was my calculator among a few other things that I hadn't realized had gone, lol). I also noticed there is an option to remove media player and although I can't say for certain this is what had caused the problem because I'd already fixed mini-mode using Rinnaldo's fix (cheers mate - worked a charm), I am willing to bet that it was and this method would have sorted it out - Wuala (sic). Well, if it doesn't this post will at least help those out there whose mspaint has disappeared but keep getting unhelpful advice similar to djrico2006 below (thanks for the help). Although they probably won't find it in here, and signing up to one random web site tonite is enuf for me.
DanielS153 years ago

I think this might help, trust me :)

regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmpband.dll"

Rinnaldo9 years ago
I'm posting this because I've had the same problem and found a solution! I had no option for WMP when I right-clicked the taskbar->toolbar. This means the program needs to register a library file called "wmpband.dll". To do so, you simple can run a program called regsvr32 in the run prompt in the start menu. Tell it to run: regsvr32 C:\Program Files\Windows Media\Player\wmpband.dll If that doesn't work (and it DIDN'T WORK for me), simply copy the file (wmpband.dll) from the media player folder, and paste a copy directly in the C: folder. Then do the run command again: regsvr32 C:\wmpband.dll The second option worked for me (it will tell you if it was successful or if it failed). Then, restart Windows Media Player, right click the taskbar, go to toolbar, and the Windows Media Player should be back! Woohoo! Click it, and minimize the program to see if it worked. That's all. :)
thnx rinnaldo
@Rinnaldo, thank you SO much. I've been fighting with getting the mini Player in for weeks. Your second option worked perfectly and it was so easy! :D
Hey! I'm glad it worked for you! You're very welcome! :D
hey i tried both but doesn't work for me.. this problem exists since i opened a second user account in my xp sp2. and many programs also dont work properly in the second urer but works fine in the other user account. is there a remedy for this problem..??
 hi also i got same problem
my OS also has two users both are admins
in one the option works well but in other it's not working
did u got any solution for that
eddy91 Rinnaldo8 years ago
Rinnaldo, awesome man, thanks a buch!!
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