Windows Movie Maker: PLESE REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know how to get "tv" results with Windows Movie Maker? Especially graphics!!!!!!!

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kaseyraex39 years ago
I use windows movie maker and i hate it....nothing i ever do on it looks you said i looks like a cheap slide show...sorry....
bdcoco (author)  kaseyraex39 years ago
Guess what! There are some websites that have a bunch of effects on it that you can use for WMM. one of them is called Neo's Movie Maker Portal. Click here and you'll see a whole bunch of visualizations you can download and save. Click on the visualization. A window will pop up. Click open. When the file opens, click on the icon inside of the folder. Windows Media Player should pop-up. watch the graphic, and then click file (if file isn't there right click somewhere and the old traditional menu will be there). Then click Save As. I think you know the rest...
There's also another website called Blaine's Movie Maker Blog. It has new effects and such you can use on Windows Movie Maker. Using these two, I got a vid that's somewhat decent.
I checked out Neo's Movie Maker Portal. and some of the effects are pretty cool...and now i can make half way decent vids....i should really think about improving my content
bdcoco (author) 9 years ago

Here's something on youtube. Apparently it is all done with WMM.
crestind9 years ago
Actually that reminds me. Does anybody know of a good freeware video editor? There's good graphic editors, but no video it seems.
John Smith9 years ago
*cough* use the torrents *cough*
bdcoco (author)  John Smith9 years ago
*cough* what? *cough*
to get a decent editing system. Like Vegas. but don't, because it's illegal, right?
Check the output resolution options, but windows it's an awful program, can i suggest Ulead videostudio 9.0 which comes free with many video cameras...
"TV" results?
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