Windows XP Running with as little as 18MB or RAM

I managed to run Windows XP (stable) with as little as 18MB of RAM, Originally for my PSP to run.
With Dosbox i can Allocate up to 16 MB of RAM, with a little tweaking i could get it to reach 18MB.
But XP Can't run in DOSbox, But it Can Run in Bochs, It may be slow but hey, If i can Run Windows XP on my psp, It is still an accomplishment.
Here are some screenshots of it Running is QEMU, On a PC
So what do you think, I am planning to port QEMU to the PSP so we can finally make this a reality, BOCHS only works in 1.50 Firmware, and i don't see a psp Slim with 1.50 and my PSP is a Slim and ...well you know.
Well Thanks
Be sure to comment(and rate, Just because it is neat seeing topics with a rating...) And tell me what you think!
Edit: Now i uploaded a video!(or i am uploading a video...i have to remake it due to the stupid 10MB limit)

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bowmaster7 years ago
Cool, I was talking to my mom the other day about how you could probably run XP on something pocket sized. I was think a cell phone through.
wanna do that with my phone
i want to put xp on my nokia e71 but all of the dosboxes i have found don't work, when i try to install it on my phone it says expired certificite
what should i do?
Okay, so I have a question. WTF would anyone want to ruin a perfectly good game machine by running Winduhs on it?
ReCreate (author)  Lee Wilkerson7 years ago
It's just for fun and absolutely and entirety undo-able.
dfc8498 years ago
Nice experimenting and good luck with working on your PSP! I don't know how I would live on 18 MB. I remember buying an IBM Aptiva 2137 in 1997 and upgraded to 64MB right away.
ReCreate (author)  dfc8498 years ago
Well I a First trying to see how it would run and all, It should not consume too much CPU usage, It can run On a CPU as low as 40MHz.
dfc849 ReCreate8 years ago
That's pretty amazing - I'm assuming that you boot into the native Windows GUI on 40 MHz, or is it just the base kernel that will load?
ReCreate (author)  dfc8498 years ago
No, Mostly everything will load, A ton of services have been removed/stopped though. I have heard though, that someone managed to run it on a 20MHz processor...They commented In other words"if they have computers i hell, this must be how they are" Or something like that, that he could see it draw the backround on the screen...
dfc849 ReCreate8 years ago
Makes sense, but I see it as pretty impressive.
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