Windows XP SP3 Now Available

. Windows XP Service Pack 3 is now available at Windows Update.

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GRRRRRR!! when is Microsoft going to support Firefox..... I lost ie somewhere on my computer
its a little old but, open my computer, in the address bar type
he he I remember using that trick on win 95.... lol
lol, Still Works!
NachoMahma (author)  littlechef379 years ago
. You can download here with FF.
tried installing, got a bunch of "file not found"'s and then a CRC error and then it auto uninstalled and waned me that my copy of windows was now damaged. yea!!!!!!
I DL'd it with nachos link, that worked....
Goodhart9 years ago
As soon as I get MSIE up and runnig again, I will be installing - Thanks
Whoa, even with DSL it will be close to 3 hours *sigh*
ll.139 years ago
I think I'll wait for awhile, I thought it was out a week or so ago?
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