Winners of the Get the LED Out! Contest

Instructables, Monkeylectric, and Phenoptix are happy to announce the winners of the Get the LED Out! Contest. There were many amazing Instructable entries submitted and once again we were blown away by the creativity of our users. It has been a great contest.

The seven winners show off some creative and useful uses for LEDs and are all worth checking out. From LEDs that react to electronic devices to Space Invaders invading a bike wheel to lit-up clothes and more. But even though these are the winners there were many more fantastic submissions and we urge everyone to go to the contest page and check them out.

Winners were selected by combining user votes with scores from Instructables and Monkeylectric judges.

And now, on to the winners!

Grand Prize

Four Monkey Lights from Monkeylectric to turn a regular bike into an instant lightshow!Also an Instructables Robot t-shirt, patch, and stickers.

First Prize

One Monkey Light from Monkeylectric or 7 feet of waterproof full color LED light strip plus $50 in LEDs from Phenoptix. Also an Instructables Robot t-shirt, patch, and stickers. Winners shown in alphabetical order.

Picture of Winners of the Get the LED Out! Contest
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Reece 247 years ago
 Will there be a new LED contest this year? I have an awesome LED thing i'm making!  
D.L.H.8 years ago
Alot of them are great
it's not numbers... its lol as in LOL -_____-
Mehheh778 years ago
Gray-Fox8 years ago
Pretty cool and interesting
arylic8 years ago
Nice project. Really like the table thing.
brystro8 years ago
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have people gone mad????
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