Wireless headphone with Microphone

Can anybody tell me how to make a wireless headphone and microphone. Both microphone and headphones should be wireless. I found that one can buy a wireless headphone or a wireless microphone, but not a combination of both. Why I need it. I make long phone calls, during which I need to walk around. If I use a cordless phone, I have to keep holding the receiver with one hand all the time. If I use a speakerphone, everybody around listens to the conversation. Therefore I need one wireless headphone with mic.

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Padlock9 years ago
Most newer wireless phones these days (Im assuming your talking about a wall phone) have headset jacks built in... so just use a standard headset, like one built for a cell phone, and plug it in. I have about 3 of them laying around, but I don't know about other people. That way it won't be too difficult or expensive :-).
Try a bluetooth. I picked one up at best buy for around $15. That was a realy good deal, and now I don't think you'll find one for under $30
NachoMahma10 years ago
. Would one of these work?
anilsaxena (author)  NachoMahma10 years ago
Thanks Nachomahma ! But your suggestion will not do, as the sets referred by you are all bluetooth based. My phone is not bluetooth enabled. Anil
how about this one ? Wireless headphone and mic it also has an FM tuner included in the headphone.
Goodhart Goodhart10 years ago
Of course, I guess you would have to convert the signal into an FM signal to receive what you wanted.....Hmmm. I know they make the for telephone equipment, I have seen our operator where I work use them on a regular POTS pbx system.
NachoMahma10 years ago
. Headsets seem to be popular with the gaming crowd. If nobody here comes up with a good solution, try asking on one of the gaming sites.