Wiring a 3 bulb lamp

I know this is basic, but I'm not familiar with wiring anything that could potentially burn the house down so I feel its better to ask. I'm wanting to wire up three lights to go over my basement workbench to all work on the same switch. The image shows what I planned to do, was just wondering if there an expert out there who could tell me if this is going to be safe? Would 60 watt bulbs ok?

Picture of Wiring a 3 bulb lamp
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looks good to me.
lemonie6 years ago
Looks fine to me, so long as your supply can give you 120-180W and it probably can.

the wiring is correct

that is 120 watts in total, (watts divided by voltage = amps).

for 110 volts supply that is one amp current.

As long as the switch is rated 5-amps or more, and 110 volts AC you are ok.

In NZ we are on 240 volts it would be half a amp, 240 volts AC.

Have the lights pointed up or down, but never horizontal because they still put out a little heat, which if horizontal could fry the electronics in the base of each bulb
6o watts would be okay, use a reflector too, or ensure you have a white ceiling to throw back the light.

I would use a switched muli point box, with circuit breaker rather than the switch you show, its the one item you might drop a hammer on.
REDnumber5 (author) 6 years ago
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