Wiring a LCD screen to a Wii

I would like some help on learning how to wire this 7" screen that i took off of a dvd player and wire it to the Nintendo Wii. I'll show you some pictures and hopefully someone can help me out. This is what im planning if you can't tell aready, i am going to take this LCD screen and wire it up to the wii and make my own version of the wii laptop but i need help with the wiring.

Ok well i cant the the picture to let me make notes in them so ill just explain them like this going left to right.
The first picture shows what the motherboard of the dvd player said about the wiring going TO the LCD screen
The second picture is about the connector to the lcd screen, its just there for in case someone wanted to see it
The third picture is the whole lcd screen
The Forth is the wii, and here is a website for the av pinouts. http://nfggames.com/wiki/doku.php?id=av:wii_multi_av_pinout
any help?

Picture of Wiring a LCD screen to a Wii
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Sandisk1duo9 years ago
Post an instructable!
raykholo9 years ago
what about a small watch sized hud(heads up display) on the wiimote, over the speaker area?
Wiimote Master (author)  raykholo9 years ago
What would it display? Also spread the word that im writing up a tut for how to do my Wii Slot light mod.
like-- some gaming keyboards... have it to display quick info about the game, stats,... and in this case maybe battery level, volume, settings, and more a certain key combination on the wiimote can switch the controls between the console and hud and whats the wii slot?
Yerboogieman10 years ago
wouldnt it be a "Wii-top"?
Wiimote Master (author) 10 years ago
alright i have everything under control now, everything works perfectly. Thank you Viron for all your help
VIRON10 years ago
It looks like you just need 9 volts and composite or S-video to run the LCD, which is much easier than a laptop screen. You can regulate down the 12V from the game, with a LM7809 (or 7808 or 7810, I'd guess maybe ok too). GND is the negative of the 9 volts power. Y is one of the S-video pins C is another of the S-video pins I see a tiny dot of solder marked Video IN/OUT in the picture which should accept composite video, which is an ordinary output on many video sources such as cameras, DVD players, and VCR's.. I don't know if that's enough info to light up the screen's backlight, but if you don't blow it then it should be easy to run that LCD.
Wiimote Master (author)  VIRON10 years ago
you are a god to me, i put power to it and then i put an AV cord into the Y and top Control and i get picture, although its fuzzy and fades in and out, should i try a s-video cable and what can i do to stablize the picture?
It shouldn't be fuzzy and fading in and out. Sounds like a loose or wrong connection... Is the outside of the video COAX connected to GND? I don't know what you mean by "top control" but it doesn't sound right. An s-video cable might only help if there was a connector on the screen board. It's just a wire, no magic in it.
Wiimote Master (author)  VIRON10 years ago
Thank you, i was able to get the screen to have a nice crisp [picture but while im still doing test i cant get it get the crisp rich picture back i have to much fuzz. But i thank you for pointing me in the right way.
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