Wiring analogue VU meters to headphones

I'm trying to wire two VU meters to some headphones so that there is a meter for each channel(one for the right, and one for the left). How would I hook them up? Do I need any special circuitry so that they work correctly? Attached are the meters I have still attached to the board I've salvaged them with.

Picture of Wiring analogue VU meters to headphones
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NachoMahma9 years ago
. IIRC, VU meters are usually wired to the input side of the amp, so wiring these directly to the headphone output is liable to peg them out. A resistor in series should take care of the problem.
Ora (author)  NachoMahma9 years ago
Could you describe or show a diagram of how the resistors would be hooked up between the output and the VU meters?
Just in series to the meter, Ie: directly before or after in the circuit | | ---Vu--Resistor---| |
You'll have to imagin the rest of the circuit, I think that would work between the positive and negative for each speaker, someone correct me if I'm wrong. As nacho said before the amp on the input side may yield better results, breadboard it and play with resistor values before soldering, try and find a song with a really loud bit and a silent bit, get the VU to be sitting near max at full noise and at zero for the silence, you may need a variable resistor to do the job.
. You may be able to use the pots below the meters. They are probably volume pots that are not part of the VU circuit. Just rewire then so they are in series, per killerjackalope's "drawing."
Looked at the photo, seems the most sensible option and preserves the look of the Vu's