Wooden Bikes Around the World

Instructables member Woodenbikes touts the virtues of making bikes out of wood both here and in person at events like Maker Faire. While the idea may seem odd here in the States, there are other countries where it's not so strange at all as his collection of photos from around the world shows us. Check it out.

Wooden bikes around the world
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Picture of Wooden Bikes Around the World
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Kiteman9 years ago
Those "truck bikes" look very interesting - given the amount of cargo carried on two wheels, I'm surprised the idea of a cargo bicycle hasn't been pinched by the makers of traditional metal-frame bikes.

(Kicks self)

I forgot - it has, and we have an ible about it!
no brakes...that would suck
Taga-dagat9 years ago
I'm from the Philippines brothers! Those bikes are made especially for the down slopes of the mountains of Cordillera. These are used to carry heavy items, such as logs, from the forest down to their respective villages. The only downside to these bikes is that you must carry it first while you are going up those mountains.
Brennn109 years ago
The bikes from the Banaue region of the Philippines are absolutely amazing. I would ride one of those over any other metal bike any day.
PKM Brennn109 years ago
The guy at the front needs to increase his head set angle or reverse his forks, he's got no trail :P Nah, seriously, that's a pretty sweet bike, and it makes me think of the mulefa...
PLUCK YEW PKM9 years ago
do you really think so? how long do you think these people have been developing this mode of transport? 28/30 degrees and a leading trail seems to work in practice...
PKM PLUCK YEW9 years ago
I know, that first part was tongue firmly in cheek and a reference to an earlier comment about "for the bike geeks, I turned my forks backwards to get more trail".
Burdott9 years ago
Hey, fungus!

That's one of the of transportations made by mountain natives of Cordillera, PHILIPPINES.
Cool, isnt it?

That looks pretty cool, next red bull cart race might have one of these in it...
Awsome idea!
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