Woodworking: Router Replacement?

The situation:

I (will) have a disc of plywood roughly 20cm across. I need to cut a spiral notch in the ply, from edge to centre, around 3mm wide, so that I can hold a spiral of flexible ply in place and close off the end of the spiral at the same time.

The perfect tool for the job is, of course, a router.

The problem:

I don't have a router.

Short of buying a router just for this one job, what can I do to cut the notch?


I've been saying "plywood" - is there another material that can be shaped the same way?

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Can this be a fixed construction or is it one that must be able to be dissembled?


<whispers> are you building an audio related item?

Pat. Pending
Kiteman (author)  Patrick Pending10 years ago
It should end up glued together

If you're asking, "is it a speaker?", no it isn't. I'm interested in hi-fi projects.
I'm not sure how tight or complex your spiral would be, but could you not curve the ply by hand, and hold it while a helper hot-glues a plain end cap in place. Alternatively, draw the spiral on the end cap, drive panel pins through to form support for wrapping the ply into the spiral. Cheers, Pat. Pending
Kiteman (author)  Patrick Pending10 years ago
Ah-ha! So, that would make a double row of pins, 'twixt which I slot the ply for the spiral.

(See, I told you I didn't do much woodwork!)

So, no routing, no chiselling or complex sawing - just drawing the spiral (already done on the PC), nailing and gluing. I can do that - thanks, PP!

(All I need now is a UK source of plywood or similar that can be rolled into a spiral with a smallest radius of about 4-5cm...)
You should be able to get some, good quality, thin ply from your nearest model shop. Pat. Pending
Kiteman (author)  Patrick Pending10 years ago
Cool. I can give them more details because I don't think they're members here ;-)
Kiteman, master of intrigue;-) I still think its some sort of audio horn / musical instrument Pat. Pending
Goodhart10 years ago
Is your "plywood" like ours in the states? Biased thin plys of wood glued together. The plywood available here would be hard to work with in the way in which you describe (and I have a router).
Kiteman (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
That's the stuff.

Do you have a better idea? The nearest I have come to proper woodwork since age 13 is chopping firewood and helping #1 son make his knitting stick instructable.
Goodhart Kiteman10 years ago
It is the bias ply that I am concerned about, since it is a bit difficult to "cut", at lest in a reasonably straight line. At the moment, I am not absolutely clear on what you are attempting to do, or it's purpose, so it is hard to make a recommendation. Most of my recent "woodworking" has involved making simple shelves for my workshop. I used a handsaw, but even that is hard to get through some plywood without it splintering and such.
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