Woodworking questions

Part-way through my current Valentine's project, I realise that my woodworking skills are not as good as I might wish, with or without power tools.

Can I suggest a round of woodworking and carpentry 'ibles?

How to make a mortice joint

How to hang a door

What the heck is a biscuit joint anyway?


Some clarification: I don't have an actual woodworking problem that needs solving, I am just aware that my skills are lacking.

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hmm. I think I shall do the mortise and tenon instructable. but those who cannot wait for the whole instructable, you can make them using a router and then squaring off the holes using a chisel.
Kiteman (author)  mynameisjonas8 years ago
What about ~~me~~ people who don't own routers?
then get out your hand drill, and a a drill bit the size of the mortise you want to cut. find out how deep you would like your mortise to be, measure that length on your drill bit and then put a drill stop at the right length (alternatively, you could use masking tape). the stop will keep you from drilling too far. and while keeping doing your best to keep the drill at 90 degrees, drill several holes where you want your mortise to be. and then finally square off with a chisel.
or if you are doing a wedged mortise and tenon where the tenon goes all the way through, you could use a coping saw to cut it.
At least get behind the firewall... A drill press or just a drill with a depth stop would work to get most of the material out of the mortise "well or hole". You would have to clean it up with narrow chisels. The tenon cuts could be done with various handsaws - backsaw or japanese ryobi as long as you can clamp the piece of wood in something.
It is a bit more difficult, for sure but not impossible... depending on the size of joint needed and how much weight it must support. The picture says a lot....
lemonie8 years ago
I've hung a door or two, but that was then (I'm not taking any of these off their hinges). Otherwise I'd be happy to do so. Do you have a door to hang? L
Kiteman (author)  lemonie8 years ago
I don't have a specific problem to solve right now - it's just that, whilst banging and screwing a joint, it occurred to me that I should probably learn how to do "proper" joinery. I figure, if I have the need, then others probably do as well, so I suggested the theme.
The true and proper generalization of the Copernican Principle, eh?
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