Work for NASA Doing Nothing... Absolutely Nothing

NASA wants to find some special people to pay to lie in a bed for 90 days straight. No moving about, no getting up, just lying there awake for 16 hours and sleeping for 8 hours a day. If you can handle it and this even sounds somehow appealing to you, NASA will pay you $17,000 for it. That's $1,000 a week since there are periods for tests and recovery.

The goal is to see what effect microgravity has on the human body. It also sounds like some new form of torture.

Don't have 17 weeks to spare? Then maybe the 41 day study is for you. Then again, that study requires you to be on a human centrifuge for an hour a day for 21 days. Yikes!

Bed Rest Study
Artificial Gravity Project

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Goodhart9 years ago
I have trouble staying awake sitting upright (at dept. meetings, at home watching tv, anytime I am not "working on something" I tend to doze) Although the centrifuge thing doesn't sound too bad, as long is it isn't going to go so fast as to separate the water out of my blood stream :-)
what does the centrifuge one do?
Well, a small one like Kiteman's, takes a gram of substance and spins it in a container so fast that several decades of G forces are created. In the bigger one that NASA uses, it takes a human and whirls them about a center like some amusement park rides, only a lot faster. The one at NASA, if I remember correctly, can create up to 20 g's in force (make you weigh 20 x's heavier).
It's also kind of like swinging water in a bucket. As you swing the bucket,(if you're swinging fast enough) the water stays in the bottom of the bucket, but the bucket continues to move. It's really cool!
Yes, up to a point. Once the g forces start to make you feel like your head is flattening out....well, it isn't so much fun anymore LOL
Ever been to hershey park? There's a ride there that goes at 5g. Its REALY fun!
Ever been to Hershey Park?

Yeah, I remember when you could take food inside the park, and you had to buy tickets to the rides you went on. If you just wanted a nice spot to picnic and let the kids (me and my bother, way back then) on a few rides, it was a really cheap outing.

I haven't been there in years though, at least 5 or so. I do remember I rode with my little sister (she was in her 20's) on the Comet at the time, and I noticed that, now that I am older, the fear of death in such situations kind of comes out LOL

The "Looper" I don't mind so much, it is a smooth ride. But the Comet reminds me too much of the Jack Rabbit of Rocky Springs fame (just south of Lancaster, long gone now).

Which ride, at Hershey park, are you referring to exactly? The Roter spun fast enough to get up to that, but I don't think that is there anymore.
I don't remember the name (I haven't been to Hershey in a few years either), but I do remember a sign saying =5g= in big bold letters. I'll have to look it up... just a minute:-)
It's the Time Tunnel, and it's at Kings Dominion in Virginia. The ride operators say you can't stand in it, but they're wrong. It's hard as hell to do.

Imagine a 200 lb me on the walls of the tube. That's 200 lbs of normal me, somewhere around 800-900 lbs of me on the surface of..... some big planet.... Or mooseknucke woman on the Maury Povich show.
Hmm, it must have been longer since I have been there, I don't remember that sign......and I probably would not have gotten into anything worse then the Super Dooper Looper, or the one kiddie roller coaster (in the far corner of the parks, I forgot it's name; but my wife likes this one LOL). :-)
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