Working on Mice At Instructables HQ

It's just a normal work day here at Instructables HQ with mice parts strewn all over the work table.

Picture of Working on Mice At Instructables HQ
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lamedust9 years ago
Does it work to solder mice together? Also... where's my mouse bling? ; P -bg!
=SMART=9 years ago
lol I was like "Awesome !......ewwwww......awesome!.......eeewwwwwww!"
Bran9 years ago
Oh how I wish I were there! Looks like bunches of fun!
Plasmana Bran9 years ago
You mean you would have fun taking guts out a dead mouse?
Bran Plasmana9 years ago
Well, it definitely wouldn't be unenjoyable.
Plasmana Bran9 years ago
Well, it is just not a thing for me...
Bran Plasmana9 years ago
Yeah, most of my family grosses out at dead things, but I love wildlife and biology.
Plasmana Bran9 years ago
Yeah, everybody is different.
Goodhart9 years ago
After viewing the first and last pictures, remind me if I ever get to visit, to bring my OWN plates for meals LOL
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