Working on full auto AK47

I'm working on a mechanism to make a bolt action rifle fully auto and also a good, curved, removable magazine. I just started yesterday so I'll have the pics up maybe 2 weeks-a month.

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You might want to specify whether you mean a real gun or a knex gun, the BATF is going to be real disappointed if they kick down your door and don't find anything.
knex id say, never heard of a bolt action ak47, even the ones you can legally by or a semi
No, There have been devices made that convert some bolt action rifles to semi auto thou.
yeah, but from what I gatherd from his initial post(if he was on about a real gun)he's opting to convert a(possibly)fully automatic assult rifle into a slow ass bolt action rifle, why, whats the point?
ledzep5679 years ago
darn, i thought this was gonna be a semi AK47 to full auto AK47. sadly mistaken yet again by a knexer...
l0cke ledzep5679 years ago
Yeah the Knex adblock did not pick this one up so I thought it was real :(
l0cke l0cke9 years ago
I don't know why I said adblock, I meant greasemonkey.
ledzep567 l0cke9 years ago
lol i think it only picks it up if it has "knex" in the title... now that i think about it, his/her post does not mention knex. and to mr fist, you make a good point... i did not know a bolt action rifle could be fully auto-matic. maybe he saw the little nub that you pull back to load the first bullet and thought that it meant it was bolt action...
woohoo659 (author) 9 years ago
the what? but its a k'nex gun lol
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