World Domination for peace ?

Hey, i came up with a great idea and if you wanna support then tell me so. What about if everyone in the world was equal ? everything was free and everyone was rich ? . I was thinking of taking over the world for peace , equality and free things. I know it may seem the funniest and the scammest thing ever but i thing its a great idea. First thing would be that i would destroy all money and then build a big apartment building the size of usa. then everyone can stay in it, it would contain everything you could imagine. Then every day you could go to any place you want for free and when you need something a odder man would come every morning to take your odder and bring things for you from the store house which i am gonna build which gonna have everything you need the size of canada. Sounds cool ehh ? its a great idea. tell me your opinions and ideas.

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zigzagchris9 years ago
I think the world should be more unified. If the world was one hole government it would be so much better my opinion not as much foreign problems and hatred. (United nations to the second level!)
westfw9 years ago
Read more Kurt Vonnegut. Start with the short story "Harrison Bergeron"
n8man westfw9 years ago
I read that story too, it was very strange.
That was my absolute favorite Vonnegut story! Did he write "Welcome to the Monkey Cage" too?
Yes, though it's "Welcome to the Monkey House." That was both a short story and the title of the collection that contained "HB." IIRC, there were several stories along the same line in there, and the theme showed up in "The Sirens of Titan" as well.
Yeah, I read those back in like 7th grade (25 years ago), but rediscovered Vonnegut a couple of years ago. I love his stuff.
=SMART=9 years ago
fair enough but who will build the flats? and who will make the things that will be free? if there is no money then there is no incentive to work as you can have all the benefits with none of the labor.

also what would you do with the evil people ? sure you can lock them up but you wont be able to find them all.

also the greedy who would take more than their fair share of the freebies.

With the flat idea, although it would make everyone equal some people wouldn't like that and they would want more, with the loss of money to buy more they would take more and kick people out of homes so they could have them.

In theory if the human race was perfect and equal and good, this would work but the fact is, many many humans are far from good people.
skunkbait9 years ago
Ok, This has been building up in me for a couple of days. I've let it leak out a little, but now I'm going to really spill it. I refuse to be taxed beyond my means to support those who refuse to work. (I will gladly donate to those who are not able to work.) I will maintain my free speech. I will say what I please. I will speak the truth, whenever I choose. I will worship as I see fit. I refuse to be told by any other man/woman how to approach my own realtionship with God. I will decide how my children will be raised, how they will be educated, and how they will behave while living under my roof. I will keep a gun in my home, in my car and on my person, as I see fit. My wife will do the same. I will live in the house I purchase. I will eat and drink what I choose. I will vote, even when I feel like my vote makes little difference. I will buy, sell, invest, trade, aquire, and disperse goods according to my will, as the market allows. I may choose to forego some of my freedoms at certain times for the betterment of my family, my nation, or mankind. I will not compromise the freedoms of my offspring, nor will I allow others to compromise their freedoms. I may kill those who seek to take my freedoms. I will kill those who seek to forcefully take my children's (or wife's) freedoms, or I will die trying.
wow ! That is fantastic !
Well said that man!!

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