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I was wondering if anyone here plays World of Warcraft. If you do it would be nice if you posted your realm and charactor down below =p. My guy is a lvl 64 Tauren Druid(resto)on Dark Iron. i level every couple of days so yeah it might have changed.

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luke967 years ago
Im a level 15 (just a couple points away from 16) Night Elf Hunter, on Baelgun. I also have a level 4 or 5 Night Elf Druid on another one, but I rarely play him
I now have a lvl61 Shaman Dwarf on Dentarg, as well as a DK on the same realm.
prylozap7 years ago
Lvl 80 Draenei DK Întegrity, Stormreaver-Alliance
smattman227 years ago
80 druid. Resto / feral dual speced. only a 4k gs. I'm on Anetheron, names Cythius.
are you on a private server?
Level 12 boi! Ive had WOW for a year and a bit.
Kraethi8 years ago
Kraethi, level 70 undead mage, perenolde. :) perpetually LFM karazhan. XD
paperninja (author) 9 years ago
It has been awhile since this post. I now have a lvl 80, lvl 71, and 2 lvl 60s. My main got hacked and now i got it back, i xfered to cenarius and renamed to invincabull.
lol, i HATE world of warcraft!!!!!!!!!!!!! but that's just me...
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