World's Strangest Vehicles

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Lokisgodhi10 years ago
Oh by the way. The website for the bike is:

Lokisgodhi10 years ago
That first bike reminds me of this mentally challenged person in my neighborhood. Someone set up a sport bike with training wheels for him and he rides it around on the sidewalk at like five miles per hour.
I think they are serve as a stable kind of "kickstand" if I am not mistaken and would not be down during the ride.
Whaleman10 years ago
I like the first one. It is cool.
LinuxH4x0r10 years ago
frikkin awesome I gota get one of those
Punkguyta10 years ago
Ewihelm, of all people to post a post that depicts something we wouldn't be able to build (at least us averaged wealth members). Tsk tsk "You're going to bed without supper". -Punk >_< But seriously though, that's a sweet truck.
ewilhelm (author)  Punkguyta10 years ago
I think most of the cost of those vehicles is time, not money.
I don't know man, they look pretty shiny...err expensive. And out of curiosity, is that you in your avatar?
ewilhelm (author)  Punkguyta10 years ago
Bondo and paint can make anything look expensive! Yes, it's me in the image.
There are some bikes and cars that are made out of woods =o) Those one could be built =o)
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