World's youngest inventor - holds patent for new broom.

A boy of five is thought to be the UK's youngest person to patent an invention after coming up with a labour-saving broom to help his father sweep leaves.

Sam Houghton, of Buxton, Derbyshire, was just three when he came up with a double-headed broom to collect large debris and fine dust simultaneously.

Sam, who was inspired by animated inventors Wallace and Gromit and Archie the Inventor from TV series Balamory, said: "I saw my Daddy brushing up and made it. There are two brushes because one gets the big bits and one gets the little bits left behind.

"I don't know if I want to be an inventor when I grow up but this was fun."

"I was swapping from one broom to the other and he asked why. When I said it was to pick up the different leaves and twigs it must have got him thinking.

"He got a large elastic band from the shed and put it over the two brooms, holding them just the right way to use both together. He then called me and announced that had had made up an invention."

The broom works with the coarser brush at the front to pick up larger objects and the finer brush at the back.

Sam's invention has been taken up by the UK-IPO, which is hoping to use it to encourage other youngsters to come up with inventions through an initiative called "Cracking Ideas".

BBC Story
Cracking Ideas website
Intellectual Property Office

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johnjohn136 years ago
hey yo'im gonna be an inventor too!i got an engine design im gonna sell to ford!!!!!!!!
Awesome! Go tell all of your friends to invent something, so that they tell all of their friends (so on and so forth). We need more of you, Sam!
awesome little dude! can you send me one? jk. lol.
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
grrrr, patents are expensive.... Great job little maker!
Kiteman (author)  LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Apparently it cost his dad about 200GBP to sort the patent.
How much is that, alot?
yeah thats a lot its like $430.00 good job little kid! :)
Wouldn't it be easier to be the youngest instructables member?
it would be cheaper too!
Really? I thought it was more. Maybe just in the US.
I think it is
btop Kiteman9 years ago
think of the revenue lol...
Someone oughtta e-mail him an instructables link!
Allonsy9 years ago
that lil kid's cute!
Doctor What9 years ago
Yet another sign of the apocalypse.
Mr. Rig It9 years ago
Three cheers for Sam!
caitlinsdad9 years ago
Labot20019 years ago
Go, little maker, go! =]