Worst christmas ever

Hi everybody, Plasmana here...

I have been been inactive lately because I have a lot of stuff do, and now, I have to say this is going to be the worst christmas I have ever experienced...


My granddad passed away...

So, I am very sad at the moment..

And there has been a lot of bad things happing to UK at the moment, some stores are shutting down, causing many people losing their jobs, and there has been severe flooding in some parts of the UK...

Because a lot of bad things happened, I may be inactive from instructables for a long time, but I will still be able to post some comments....

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Flumpkins8 years ago
Sorry about your Granddad. I have no clue how you feel. My biggest loss was my deformed dog. He was born with his leg out of the socket.
dombeef8 years ago
I know how you feel. My Uncle and granddad died 3 weeks ago also.
sorry for your loss
FaqMan dombeef8 years ago
Sorry for the loss.
dombeef FaqMan8 years ago
comodore8 years ago
sorry for your loss.
Goodhart9 years ago
Ok, now I find myself in the VERY awkward position of agreeing with both Nacho AND Kiteman :-)
Seriously, I am sure he would want you to celebrate his life rather than spend all your time morning over his death.

So, yes remember the good times, and when you are able, celebrate the good times. It is the happiness he would want you to remember.


My second grandmother knew she was dying (it was cancer), and had the foresight to write instructions for her funeral (no actual will, as she gave away her belongings while she was alive). The one thing she was very firm about was "no black at the funeral" - everybody had to wear bright clothes, and do their best to smile and laugh.

I plan the same.
Hmm, I was thinking of going with artificial lightning and parasols...
I need to finish my motion activated digital voice recorded recliner/lifter mashup project, so I can sit up and speak to everyone as they pass by....
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