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Another new knex forum? I know we have KI but I really just need to be working on a forum right now. I'm not trying to like have revenge on KI (I don't even have a reason) but I just don't care for it. They're moving at a snails pace. Sure I won't be able to get a payed host (is it even worth it for knex?) but I don't really think a domain name maters all in all. What you'll have right away if I do start it is. -A front page with details like new posts, latest polls, and of course the Xat chat right there. -I'll probably find some sort of cool style instead of the default. You'll still have a choice in case you're one of those weird people who likes blue, white, and grey. -I'm hoping to have the karma mod installed right away which will basically be rep -I'll hopefully implement a ranking system using knex pieces as images. -I'll have a handful of bbcodes ready such as a spoiler code that you click on a button to unhide whatever you choose to put in it and a youtube code in which all you need is the video ID. There will be others. -I'll have more forums than just knex. I'll still keep the common theme but y'know I think everyone should be able to make a topic in a variety of categories other than "misc." -I don't know basically I'll be taking requests which I usually answer within the week they are posted. If it's a new forum topic that you want then I'll usually add it if it isn't a stupid idea. I'm hoping to add later on a cash and shop system although I'm not sure how soon that will be. Mods will be payed. I'll pick out a good few mods to work the forums for me. You won't need any real exp. all you need is to have good grammar (get firefox! it's a must!) and be active. So will anyone actually go to it if I make it? Please any loyal KIers don't find this as any more of aggression against you. Like I said I just really didn't like your forum and I want to make a forum so I figured I might as well make my own. Alright so if I get at least 5 approvals then I'll make it. It's a lot of work starting out so I might not do it if I end up not getting too far in a limited amount of time. Hopefully I'll have a friend helping me out but if not then it might be slow starting out. I really want to get us a good place to migrate to without being forced to KI. I know some people don't really care for it but I promise I'll try making this place better for those people. I'm not saying that this will be any better than KI but it is another option if people want me to do it. Once again KIers I don't want to start anything so don't think of this as a competition or anything I'm just giving everyone else the option.

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TheDunkis (author) 8 years ago
Alright well I'd edit the thread but because of the category select bug I can't I'm just going to post telling you all I'm making a new forum. I need a name for it though so any ideas? I'm getting a friend to help who's really good at making websites. He's also sort of a knexer and made his own designs. He made a box gun (similar to that one that was recently posted where you put a dark grey on a rod and a rubberband on it) and his own rbgs on his own. I'll get you all a link when it's in beta. Remember I'm open to any suggestions you have so even if you think you won't like the site, tell me why and I may fix it.
TheDunkis (author)  TheDunkis8 years ago
Ok I started up the forum. I'm going to finish up with my friend tomorrow by adding a color scheme and other stuff to pretty it up. Hopefully people will be able to start joining on Monday or Tuesday.
Let me know immediatly when it comes up
TheDunkis (author)  Der Bradly8 years ago
I'll try my best.
TheDunkis (author)  Der Bradly8 years ago
Alright well I'm releasing the forum early so that I can get some suggestions. I haven't added too many extra features but you'll have the basics like a chat room and such. I have a good amount of forum topics and will add more if requested. We're still working on the homepage so don't worry about that at the moment. Right now our host is acting all funky so you might not be able to get to our site but when it starts working again here is the link.

It is not loading It says : Web page is not availible
TheDunkis (author)  Der Bradly8 years ago
Did you read my entire post or decided to just click the orange thing without reading my post even though it might say in it "hey this is a virus. I laugh at everyone who clicks this link without reading because now they're infected"? Anyways I just said that it's not working right now.
I'm in
EDIT: you cannot post comments or forums
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