Would mounting a TV inside a piano damage the TV?

We have an upright piano, and we don't have a good place to put our flatscreen. My thought is to put the flatscreen inside the piano. I have measured for clearance and it fits quite neatly. My only concern is if the vibrations from the piano will somehow damage the TV's electronics.

On the one hand, the TV has speakers and generates a dynamic range of sound and volume and does just fine. The TV can get louder than we ever play the piano.

On the other hand, the piano sounds are fuller and maybe vibrate more than the speakers in the TV do.

More details: 
The vertical board behind and under the keyboard has a latch that is opened so that the board pivots down and forward.  The TV would go inside the space behind this board. It would make the TV close to the ground, but it would be more convenient than the current location.

The space in the piano has a depth of about 6 inches. I would install a piece of 3/4 inch ply across the back to mount the TV to. It would be right in front and possibly touching  the sound board and the bass bridge. The TV is 4.5 inches deep at the deepest point.

I am sure that the construction is feasible and well within my abilities. I am unsure of any danger to the TV from such a setup. Any insights, references or suggestions are well appreciated. 

Thank you,
Michael Moore

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id be more worried about the piano
Your TV will be perfectly fine since you obviously are going to mount it correctly.
The piano will also be fine. The acoustics will only suffer enough for someone with an ear as sensitive as Mozart's to notice. IT WON'T CHANGE THE SOUND THAT MUCH, PEOPLE.
Trust me, I know...
stuporglue (author)  Molten Boron8 years ago
The piano doesn't sound that great anyways, so ruining its sound is not a great concern.

I will attempt to mount the TV supports to the piano body, and not directly to the sounding board, which should minimize the damage to the piano's sound, and which might reduce the vibrations sent directly to the TV.
Don't forget to DOCUMENT IT WELL! Have someone take lots of pictures while you do that. And then post an Instructable!
stuporglue (author)  Molten Boron8 years ago

I'll post full instructions and photos here when I'm done.

Nice name.


Deja vu...
The comment was to stuporglue, but hi again!<br /><br />L<br />
Padlock8 years ago
I would be more worried about ruining the structural integrity of the piano and it's sound!
crapflinger8 years ago
i'd love to see what would happen if someone where watching the tv whilst playing the piano....i've got images of the crystals rippeling inside of the screen (like the glass of water on jurassic park)
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