Would this be illegal

Today while I was walking on the street I saw something that gave me an idea. I saw a piece of tin foil stuck to the road. I think this happened when tin foil flew out of someone's trash, landed on the road, and was run over by cars repeatedly. After the cars run the foil over it wedges itself into the cracks and doesn't come out unless you peel it off. Now here's my idea: buy a ton of tin foil and cover the street with it or write something on the street. Anyone know if this would be legal? Anyone ever done this before? Any suggestions if I do it? P.S. I live stateside if that matters

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tylervitale7 years ago
 Odd question... XD
I'm pretty sure if it doesn't damage anything and you clean it up when you're done, it should be fine... might wanna check just in case though.
You can probably contact your city hall, they could tell you.
XI39 years ago
Only if you get caught lol. if you do it in the middle of the night, no one whould know who did it and then everyone will admire your work lol.
jtobako9 years ago
There are instructions somewhere for creating a mosaic on the road/as part of the road where you use pieces of linoleum/vinyl, tar and tar paper/roofing paper. The mosaic is laid out on the tar paper, covered with a layer of tar and applied to the road. A few days later, take the tar paper off.

Here it is.
ledzep5679 years ago
yea, they could get you for littering, and creating a driving distraction and reducing traction. im pretty sure that not how they word it but thats what it would boil down to. and how would you get it to stick? cars usualy drive in 2 "lanes" on the road.
You could lay down a layer and use chrome duct tape on the ends.
true. or spray adhesive and a roller
Kiteman9 years ago
You could get done for littering, possibly for (in the UK) "behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace", or maybe there is some road-safety ordnance that you could contravene. If you don't get run over while you're laying it out, you will be making the road surface unusually smooth, potentially creating a significant hazard to life and limb. So, whilst it sounds like an impressive project, I would advise against it.
sardines454 (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
Maybe I could use a small, unused portion of my driveway
It would certainly be interesting using a section of your driveway, and seeing what occurs from heat reflection, water drainage, and what occurs with freezing at under and around the foil. You could turn this into a real decent study of the effects of such a material on macadam. :-)
canida Goodhart9 years ago
Indeed, please try and document! It would make a great slideshow or Instructable, depending on the outcome.
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