Would you guys like an instructable for this gas powered bicycle?

I was wondering, who would like to see a detailed instructable with step by step instructions, lots of pictures, and parts lists for how to make this powerful motorized bicycle from scratch (without a kit)? The motor is a heavily modified 79cc horizontal stroke predator engine from harbor freight. The bike has a top sustainable speed of about 40mph. It also has enough torque to accelerate uphill, take off from a standing start with no pedal assist, leave Lance Armstrong in the dust, and do wheelies even with my 29" tires. Gearing can be adjusted for higher top speed at the expense of having less acceleration and hill climbing power. (Although in all honesty, I wouldn't gear it to go much more than about 45). Other features include an automatic clutch, the ability to get 170 miles per gallon, allowing you be cooler than all your friends, and costing a fraction of what you'd pay for a vespa. If you want me to make an instructable, comment below! Also tell me whether you might actually build one, or whether you just want to see how I did it.

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rasel881 year ago

This is awesome but i make a electric bycle chekout my instructable

TheNecromancer13 (author)  rasel881 year ago
Where do I find this instructable. Also, I did end up making an instructable for my bike, here it is if you're interested: https://www.instructables.com/id/79cc-Motorized-Bicycle-From-Scratch/
rasel881 year ago

check this my new creation electric bike

DIY Dhoom Homemade Electric Motorbike-2016
goose571 year ago

It would not be comfortable riding this bike. The exhaust is much too close to your leg and thigh. The exhaust pipe would have to be placed elsewhere where it isn't intrusive.

Toga_Dan1 year ago

is the engine still original width? that is the mainthing that has kept me from puttin one of those engines on a bike.

TheNecromancer13 (author)  Toga_Dan1 year ago

What do you mean by original width?

factory spec - side to side as mounted on the bike. do ya havta be bowlegged to ride?

TheNecromancer13 (author)  Toga_Dan1 year ago

Oh, that. I attached some steel bars to the pedals to widen them. If it were still a normal bicycle, it would be annoying to have to pedal like that, but since the engine is perfectly capable of powering the bike by itself, it's not really an issue.

gotcha. so basically it is a pedal assisted motorcycle.

I still like the idea and did some research on the official stuff :(
Down here a bicycle with any kind of motor is classified as a "power assisted bicycle".
Sad part is that everything with two wheels and a combustion engine is classified as a motorbike - and needs to meet certain standards so it can be registered!! for road use.
So to have a small petrol engine on your bicycle means you need a motorbike license to start with.
Then the bicycle in question must be "suited for the used with a combustion engine" - and the manufacturer needs to specify what type of engine, max speed and much more.
Good luck finding a push bike that meets these criteria :(
But to make things worse: Back in the old days there was a moped - 50cc³ engine, max speed of 50km/h.
For some reason they totally abandoned the concept and corresponding part of the legislations.
This would have been the place where these motorrised bicycles should be...

Just though it post this as a heads up for interested people so they check their local rules and laws before getting fined.

As a sidenote: If you would find a suitable bicycle to be used with a combustion engine then you need to add lights, indicators and all that - plus wear a motorbike helmet, a bicycle helmet is illegal on a motorbike LOL

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