While I was checking the stats of my plasma globe tricks instructable, I had notice my instructable has so many referrers! I did not know that instructables has referrers! Does anybody has referrers on their instructables?

Check out my "Amazing plasma globe tricks that you never knew before!!!" instructable if you never been there before...

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zachninme9 years ago
Most instructables are like this. Each of these links indicates 1 person who came here from an external page. They add up, I guess :D isn't too helpful, although some of the other ones (.fr) may be of some use. More importantly, look for non-search engine pages, like this
Each of these links indicates 1 person who came here from an external page.

That is awesome! I thought it meant the instructable showed up in a search (for the search engine referrers), not that someone actually came from the page. :D
Kiteman9 years ago
What's really cool is when you find a non-search-engine referral. It means that somebody has blogged your project, or referred to it in an article. It's sometimes quite revealing - the number of popular blogs and magazines that get their stuff from other blogs rather than find it for themselves.
Yeah, It made me feel good when I googled myself and found that my motorcycle ible had been picked up on several sites.
Doctor What9 years ago
Same here! Here's my referrers for my Magic Duct Tape Wallet:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Plasmana (author)  Doctor What9 years ago
Juklop9 years ago
Hecks yes! I was referred on Google Finland! ...
Keith-Kid9 years ago
What's that?
Plasmana (author)  Keith-Kid9 years ago
What's what?
n8man9 years ago
most of those are google
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