Does anyone here like wrestling? In know that Baron-something does...

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wwegreat9 years ago
previously i was unaware of wrestling mats thanks now i came to know about it
Kiteman10 years ago
TV wrestling is as choreographed as any ballet, just less graceful.

About the only interesting thing that has happened in professional wrestling is the time one of the marketing companies tried to steal the logo of the World Wildlife Fund, and got thoroughly smacked down in court.
Goodhart10 years ago
I have only wrestled one time in highschool. The gym teacher tried to match us up pretty closely. At the end of the third period (or round or bout or whatever) we were matched at 3 points each, and like 20 seconds to go.......20 seconds is a looooong time when you are totally exhausted.....I stepped forward, he went over backwards and I nearly fell on him. In the last 4 seconds, I got a take down, and won. High School and College wrestling is "a lot of work in a short period of time", for sure. I was more of a sprinter myself ;-)
HBF (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
Well, thats called mat wresling?
Baron A HBF10 years ago
Yep, professional wrestling is awsome!

Good entertainment.

My personal favourite wrestler would be
, the one...and only....The Game - Triple H.
Goodhart HBF10 years ago
Hmm, I don't remember a mat, but that was a long time ago. I do know that, for the 10-15 minutes the whole thing lasted, I was exhausted. My Dad used to watch what he called Wrastlin' on tv, but I never could get into that. I knew the physical strain of the real thing, and those tv bouts just went on way too long.
At ultimate frisbee, after we play, we often have some submission wrestling matches. (Don't worry, one is a marine brown belt trainer, and a few others are on the wrestling team at school)
The only wrestling I really enjoyed, occurred after I got married ;-)
gyromild Goodhart10 years ago
Unfortunately you can't really get on and get done with it with those kind of wrestling. Have to go through the lengthy and taxing process of setting the mood and such.
gyromild gyromild10 years ago
Not to mention the mandatory sweet talks after it's all done. You won't see Hogan sweet talking The Undertaker..
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