X-ray scanner + 120 film

So tomorrow I'll be flying with a bag crammed full of cameras/lenses and just wondering as I've got an old exposed 120 film should it be okay going through the x-ray scanner, and not end up all fogged out or something. tia.

=SMART=8 years ago
Where are you flying ?
PKM8 years ago
Can you wrap just the film canister in foil? Show it to the X-ray guy, demonstrate that it's just a film canister, and let the camera through the scanner?
lemonie8 years ago
Airports have been scanning cameras for years - just check with them before it goes through.

Kiteman8 years ago
They used to say "wrap it in kitchen foil". It works, but these days an opaque block on the video screen might raise a few eyebrows. Your best bet is to get it out of your bag, explain what it is, and ask them not to X-ray it.