Xbee direct input - without arduino

I recently purchased two XBee Series 2 modules for a personal project. I did everything I wanted with the arduino connected directly to the sensor but I want to try remote signal processing. I want to connect an analog sensor (or digital) to one of the XBee's pins and with the other Xbee connected to an Arduino , where I want to process data from the sensor. All the examples found on the net are made with XBee Series 1 but I hope someone still managed and XBee Series 2. I would be interested configuration made ​​with x-ctu or terminal.
Thank you!

please could you give more details how to use?

nomuse3 years ago

My memory was that pin mode was discontinued with Series 2, but it would be nice if it was still possible somehow.

Ah, yah. According to this -- http://www.johnhenryshammer.com/WOW2/pagesHowTo/xbeeSeries2.php#index -- the Series 1 mode doesn't work, but you can use ATIS/remote configure and poll the pins from the connected unit.