Xbox 360 SUPER rapid fire mod!

Ok, so i want to do the rapid fire mod, and get money, but all of their controllers need an oscillating circuit, (the light isn't pulse modulated)
wanted to do this-> this one
but the numbers on the controller aren't lower then 24 this comment-> here

so, i turned to the internet, and found this website, and i wanted to know, will the circuit work if i put only one transistor?

thank you in advance!

Edit: i got this to work, included a diagram
i am keeping this forum topic so that other people can see what i did!

Picture of Xbox 360 SUPER rapid fire mod!
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Lugnutz695 years ago
Ok, been dealing with this a few days and have seen this mod several different ways. Since I keep seeing the 5V in, am I assuming that this is a USB controller to run this since the battery type peak at about 3 volts (2.7 for the rechargeable ?)
stinger04106 years ago
Hi Alex, I don't get what you mean by 1K8 Ohm resistor, do you mean 1800 ohm or 1008 ohm, do you get what i mean, im confused could you please clear that up or explain what you mean, Than You
mikajo19939 years ago
It looks as if you could if you cut out the left circuit (the left trigger is something different than firing) as long as u keep the ground so u can connect T2 it should work if u just cut off the T1 completley
Sandisk1duo (author)  mikajo19939 years ago
ya, i built this, and it works, you can mod unmoddable controllers with it, it's awesome!
Sandisk1duo (author)  Azinman8 years ago
just go to radioshack, you can buy like 15 transistors for like $3
I'm buying a bunch of parts onliine for modding my friends controllers and transistors r way cheaper online in quantity so i jus wondered if u could substitute 2907's for 2905's
Sandisk1duo (author)  Azinman8 years ago
buy the transistors on ebay
nvm. i found a step by step online.

same thing, but in a step-by-step form and with pictures.

could you do a step-by-step for this? b/c im not the best at soldering or figuring out electronics could you message me a step by step? or put one up? kthx.
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