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Post your xbox live gamertags here! Mine: bak3n

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skeddy955 years ago
my gamertag is "skeddyeddie95" add me if you play halo wars or assassins creed or zombies on black ops. XBOX360 all the way!!!!!
Whisper8895 :) im an active Reach player i just need to get gold im out lol
i ride this bike every day and it is thebestbike ever
FUTEBOL STUD friends list might be full send me message ill delete someone for u.
ExtraAngry Bolt Fell free to add me, especially if you play Halo 3
alfpwns8 years ago
mines alfpwns can i add you
xACIDITYx8 years ago
I changed mine; it's now Nitrobenzene
knexdude1529 years ago
get gears 2 we can play with eachother
I might later, I'm definitely getting halo 3 next time I go out.
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