Xmas Contest

Hey Everyone,

Any idea, if instructables has any Xmas contests?
That involve Xmas stuff.
As in, maybe, ornaments, yard sculptures, tree decorating, etc...


lemonie6 years ago
No, none at all.
I shouldn't think they've even heard of "Xmas", so you should PM one of them and tell them what it is all about...

Greasetattoo (author)  lemonie6 years ago
It should have been "anniversary, break, celebration, day of rest, feast, festival, festivity, fete, few days off, fiesta, gala, gone fishing, holy day, jubilee, layoff, leave, liberty, long weekend, recess, red-letter day*, saint's day, vacation"!

Thanks for the replies...
You might find something useful in the comments here:
Kiteman6 years ago
Yes, they do, but they tend to call them "holidays" contests, to allow for the very multicultural nature of the membership.