Xmas is right around the corner!

Every year people instinctively know what to purchase me due to my interest in shaving.  If you are unaware of it, you can attain a solid shaving package for about $50. They make GREAT gifts and last virtually forever. Beats a fruitcake.

Picture of Xmas is right around the corner!
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But, I like fruitcake, and view shaving in the same category as brushing my teeth.

When we got married, the only aspect of the whole thing I was firm on was the nature of the cake: not just fruitcake, but square, so that I got a nice well-cooked corner.
(And people complain about British double-entendres!)

What's the double entendre I missed? Firm? Fruitcake? Square? Well-cooked? Corner? Nice? Aspect? Thing? Whole?
I thought that your goggle-eyes meant you had spotted one...
No...I was just shocked to find somebody who likes fruitcake!
How can you not like fruitcake???

It's far better than some namby-pamby sponge cake, and a really heavy specimen even edges a fruit pie off the #1 food spot.
I think I've had it once in my lifetime - it was yukky.

Sponge cake with strawberries and cream, please!
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