Xylophone Machine

Just had this idea, and in a flurry of building, I have a prototype. It's a knex machine that plays the xylophone. Right now, it can only play five notes eight times. I am hoping to increase this. In the photo, the machine is rigged to play the opening of the Imperial March :D

Picture of Xylophone Machine
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cool knex136 years ago
wow dose it work?

If yes then that is great!

Applejacks8 years ago
That is damn sexy. And i'm a percussionist. But I'm not about to bring my (dusty) knex to band.
This is the type of thing that redeems the knexers.

Some of them, anyway.
What about these 2?


Yep. I like to see the knex projects that aren't Yet Another Gun.
- Seconded Finally there's a good use for knex
what makes this better?(no offence to the machine or anything)
its actually built to do a task not like firing a gun there have been inventors to make several, robot-like machines that could make drawings with a a very similar process
What about this?
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