Xylophone Machine

Just had this idea, and in a flurry of building, I have a prototype. It's a knex machine that plays the xylophone. Right now, it can only play five notes eight times. I am hoping to increase this. In the photo, the machine is rigged to play the opening of the Imperial March :D

Picture of Xylophone Machine
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cool knex135 years ago
wow dose it work?

If yes then that is great!

Applejacks7 years ago
That is damn sexy. And i'm a percussionist. But I'm not about to bring my (dusty) knex to band.
This is the type of thing that redeems the knexers.

Some of them, anyway.
What about these 2?


Yep. I like to see the knex projects that aren't Yet Another Gun.
- Seconded Finally there's a good use for knex
what makes this better?(no offence to the machine or anything)
its actually built to do a task not like firing a gun there have been inventors to make several, robot-like machines that could make drawings with a a very similar process
What about this?
That's cool. I like it.
De nada.
Aar000n3y7 years ago
Woah, I was listening to The Imperial March right as I read this O_o
Flumpkins7 years ago
Reminds me of animusic!
jollex7 years ago
This is awesome! You should make a video so we can hear it play.
Kiteman jollex7 years ago
Agreed - an ible with an associated video is a must.
Vynash Kiteman7 years ago
it almost seems like you're clinging to knex :)
Kiteman Vynash7 years ago
Vynash Kiteman7 years ago
Kiteman Vynash7 years ago
Vynash Kiteman7 years ago
jollex Vynash7 years ago
Vynash jollex7 years ago
jollex Vynash7 years ago
Vynash jollex7 years ago
take the tree man!!! / \ /~ ~\ / > \ / -- \ III
jollex Vynash7 years ago
Take Ax man.

| - - |
| \/ |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
Vynash jollex7 years ago
jollex Vynash7 years ago
Wait I'll try again. ____________ |......O.....O..........| |.....\_____/........| |....__________| |...| |...| |...| |...| |...| |...| |...| |...| |_|
Vynash jollex7 years ago
/ \ /~ ~\ / > \ / -- \ III ahhh hes coming to kill me ahhhhhhh
jollex jollex7 years ago
Well that got totally messed up.
Vynash jollex7 years ago
not much
You have just given me a great idea my friend...
Piano player.
i tried that. it's not that easy. unlike a xylophone piano keys have wight that needs to be overcome for it to work right. and because of that the note playing hands need to be hooked right into the gear mech(just dropping the note players like on this won't give it enough power to play the note). this limits your note playing capability/how many notes you can play. mine failed. i bet you could find out a better way to make it work though :-)
Yeah. I have A idea that would be pheaseable (I think). It may require all the notes to be sustained though.
You could just use something like this but have the big wheel go the other way.
Darn it... (i was thinking that)
Bartboy7 years ago
I thought of using wine bottles, but this is better.
Der Bradly7 years ago
This is amazing!!! you have to post!
knexfan91827 years ago
W0\/\/! I like it pretty cool idea and you don't have to do a string reset or any thing just turn on a motor and it plays.
Noooooooooooo!! Beaten again! But I must say it is probably a fair bit more reliable than my winding balls of string!! :) Good job!