YESS!! Fred is no longer #1!

NEWS ALERT: It has been official, NigaHiga has passed Fred in subscribers on YouTube! When: 5:35 Eastern 8/20/09!

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DJ Radio8 years ago
You know what I think is true quality? More subscribers for less videos. Maddoxaom (ever heard of him?) has nearly 30,000 subs for 5 videos, and little to no activity at all. That is quality work my friend.
Flumpkins (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
No, but I just looked him up. WOW. 90 more until 30k!
lemonie8 years ago
You might want to explain what this means and why anyone should care? L
Read my comment below.
Kiteman8 years ago
An annoying, unfunny 14/15 year old kid you have a show on youtube where he's an annoying sounding boy(girl...?) with a drunken, stoopid man sounding mom, no dad, thinks he can sing, has a crush who likes his enemy, says frech instead of #@*$, and has anger management issues. He's also poor, so he only wears the same shirt during all of his videos, and everyone thinks he's funny, and repeats his lines.
You can also look up fred, on youtube if you want a better idea.
Who has a show on youtube*
You know, I think I'll give it a miss.
Wise beyond your years, you are, oh green-bearded one!
Good call.
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