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A couple of bugs on the settings pages - first off, clicking on change email>manage alerts just throws you back to "update your profile"...unless I'm missing something, I don't see any place to manage alerts from that. (Clicking on the link up top to manage email alerts does work, however) I could be way off-base, but it seems like the WATCHLIST object (as opposed to, say, EMAIL) is maybe invalid or something like that?

Also, I have several collaborations, but my collaborations tab shows 1 collabs (and it only shows that 1 after joining another - it displayed 0 for a while).

Oh, and on the way here I noticed that when you go to Submit>Bug, instead of taking you there directly you go to Community>Help. Dunno if that's intentional or not. =]

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ReCreate8 years ago
ReCreate8 years ago
wy u spel lik dat? XD
ReCreate8 years ago
lol? LOL?!?!111 XD
AdHd8 years ago
In addition to these bugs, which I too have noticed, the email alerts DOES NOT WORK. I change the settings and get an "error on page". Going back I see the setttings are the same. Since I wish to stop all alerts from you clowns, I must now report you as spam and put you in the junk email senders list. Sorry, but since your site is now worthless (what with thumnails instead of actual images), update about your site I now consider spam. Sure be nice if there was a way to tell you this to your face, but I was directed here. I really don't need help, I just wanted to provide you with feedback that your new policy to cripple the free membership sucks. Oh, and your site is broken on Netscape, too. That REALLY sucks.
Why would you use Netscape? Why not update to firefox?
Even internet explorer in better than Netscape if you ask me
Sorry, I do use Firefox. I've been using it since it was Netscape, and that's what it still is to me, I guess. I was on autotype mode when I wrote that. The point is, Instructables is broken on what is probably the web browser of choice for most of their readers. Folks who are into the whole open-community-helping-each-other-sharing-their-work-for-free thing are probably inclined to avoid MSIE if only for it's closed, standards avoiding, do-it-our-way-or-else attitude. At least, that's why I avoid it. Nowhere near the free add-ons as Firefox, for example, and an attitude that the add-on developers SHOULD charge for them and SHOULD NOT give them away.
CameronSS AdHd8 years ago
Instructables is designed to be viewed on Firefox, it's what they test it with. It's usually IE and Safari users that have problems. You might check around on the settings on your end.
For the record, this comment was typed in FF3.5.
V3.7! I have the latest!
AdHd CameronSS8 years ago
MY settings haven't changed. What's changed is that THEY added Pro accounts, and now us regular accounts are second-class and things are breaking.
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