Yay I was waiting for this !

I have a few good ideas for this contest, one involves a LOT of hot glue :D My mate has that 1st prize sonos sound system in his house and i must say its really really really cool... Oh and below is a rock that looks like a dragon/dinosaur egg of sorts, i found it on a beach in wales

Picture of Yay I was waiting for this !
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i love this contest :) <3
jeff-o9 years ago
Mine's coming along, I hope it's finished in time! *crosses fingers and toes*
suzannejb9 years ago
I might just give it a shot. Also, there's a person who's been making 3D renderings of the Faberge eggs in Second Life. I've forwarded notice of this contest to her.
Thank you! We'd love to see more great eggs.
shortone9 years ago
does anyone know if you're allowed to enter more than once!? i have too many ideas!!!
bumpus shortone9 years ago
Yep, you can enter as many as your heart desires. :D
shortone bumpus9 years ago
yay! thank you! and are they supposed to be instructables or slideshows or either one?
bumpus shortone9 years ago
Either one. But slideshows will be judged more. Just a heads up. :D
shortone bumpus9 years ago
thanks for the advice! if you're entering, good luck! :)
bumpus shortone9 years ago
Thanks you! I plan on entering, but not sure what to enter! :D Good luck to you as well!
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