Yep, I'm Officially Scared.

Robotics company Boston Dynamics has made a vehicle for the military, its called the Big Dog.
Its got four legs, and weighs 235 pounds, and can carry a payload of 340 pounds.
The video is just too creepy..

Boston Dynamics: Big Dog

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Derin8 years ago
There is a GMOD npc called DOG.......
A good name8 years ago
Don't worry. These things can't go fast, climb trees, and their batteries (like just about every other robot) probably won't last more than a few hours max.
I've never seen a real dog climb a tree... Like I said before, the thing will look a lot less creepy when they cover it in fur, add a tail and a head (with floppy-ears and tongue) L
They can if they're after something. At least some can. Don't know about more domestic breeds. A
Well possibly. Cats seem to have much sharper claws, and are generally lighter, but as cats find, going up is different from coming down. You don't hear of dogs stuck up trees often / ever (?)

dogs rarely climb trees, but some breeds can run up them (much like stuntmen run up a wall). That I have seen.
Coming next: the gecko-bot

Hopefully replacing the never-popular Albatross-bot ;-)
Kiteman8 years ago
I saw video of an earlier version of this (they called it mule then) - it definitely seems stronger and more capable (it's supposed be a mule, not a weapons platform), but it's still too noisy to take into combat, if only because you'd not here ordinary pedestrians sneak up on you.
The mule ? I assume it wasn't the same mule as the one in Asimov's Foundation Series (Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation)?
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