Yet Another M4 Carbine

Well since everyone has been building m4's, I thought I'd give it a try. Originally, it started as just a model. After that, it became a RBG. Finally, it became a gun that actually shot pieces. It has a rather big magazine, it holds around 20 grey connectors. I'll only post this gun if it gets MANY requests. Credit goes to the TheDunkis for the foregrip.

The gun is being posted on KI this weekend.


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Reiben9 years ago
m4? that stock is an m16, and its kinda... m16'ish
bakenbitz (author)  Reiben9 years ago
The m4 stock to m16 stock is very similar, the m4 just has a collapsible stock. The m4 and the m16 are almost the same exact gun anyway.
im part from m16 lot stronger longer barrle and fires in burst sounds different...
bakenbitz (author)  Reiben9 years ago
M16 can be semi-auto and full auto, doesn't have to be bursts.
i always thought the m16 was simi and burst because of the kick, as the m4 was full auto because if its smaller size.
knexguy zapple8 years ago
They fire the same round, from the same chamber group.  Why would they have majorly differing recoil?
I don't know if this is actually a major factor or not but because the M16 had a longer barrel the bullet would reach higher velocities. According to physics for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction so technically the same mass moving at a faster velocity means more force moving forwards. Wouldn't that technically mean more force moving back too? I'm not quite sure if that's exactly how it works.
true but when ur tring to kill someone and ur m16 overheats.... when wot?.... ...ur dead!
bakenbitz (author)  Reiben9 years ago
After doing some research, I found out that the m4 actually overheats faster than the m16.
well how come the m16 has a heatshild wid nade launcher? to stop it from overheating and the m4 dosent.... i agree wid u that the m4 over heats quicker but thats y the barrle is shorter so it calls down faster...EG for the handle, so u dont burn ur hand :D
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