Yet another reason to avoid Call of Duty

So I borrowed Cod 4 from my brother, and played a game. The points started to go into the negative millions MILLIONS! I left the game, and found something annoying...

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builderkidj6 years ago
What the...?

makes no sense...??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
brentgmz6 years ago
common its just a game just play for the fun of it nothing more nothing less...
I play black ops 'coz frankly its better than mw2 and I'm too cheap to buy bad company 2, however I will not get mw3, I will instead get battlefield 3 because Battlefield 2 was the game that got me into fps and frankly it looks amazing, but until october 25 black ops it is.
You want a good game to play where your rank does not decrease?
Try Halo
If your rank does not decrease in Halo then why are there certain gamers called "Derankers" who only play to lose their rank? And why are there horror stories about people who win 10 games in a row and don't rank up, but lose one and derank?
Because some people want to see there rank go down to go up again and your horror stories? In Reach the higher rank you get the harder it is to rank up so theese stories are probably people who think the rank up cap for credits should stay the same instead of increasing, mabye that is it?
Mostly I was referring to Halo 3 because in Reach there is no deranking unless you boost and get caught. And the only reason it's harder to rank up the higher the rank you have is because it takes more credits to rank up. Really the only thing it takes more of to rank up is your time. It's not harder to rank up in Reach with each passing level, it just takes more time between each rank. Are you some kind of noob that cares?
I am not a noob I only use the Sniper rifle and Battle rifle and do not camp so I am not a noob in fact in my oppinion they should remove the rocket launcher in the next halo and if they don't it should kill you if you fire it.

Ha noobs you got nothing on me I would own you all!
Dude, those things don't determine your skill at all. Really the only people that care about rank in Halo are the biggest noobs.

Rockets shouldn't be removed because they're balanced (sure they are 1 hit kills, but you don't get a lot of ammo, and you have long reload times, and the rockets are slow), and power weapon control adds more 3-dimensionality to the game.
Yes sorry your correct I was just saying that because I hate it when people call me a noob because I make most of my kills headshots and don't use OP weapons, I know this one guy who only uses the energy sword or gravity hammer as a primary and a shotgun rocket launcher as a secondary. The few times I will go for a single shot kill weapon (apart from the sniper rifle) it is always the spartan laser because everyone knows how hard that is to use, I use swords and hammers if that is the rules for that game variant or if that is all that is on the map because otherwise they make the game to easy (I only play on legendary so that says somthing) I mean my friend asks me: Hey you must have gotten your armor (the one in the picture is my actual armor configuration) by using your hammer and sword, and I say: I don't play with penises only rifles so no but I did get a couple grunt birthdays!

Sorry about the rambling.

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