You know you're a maker when ...

... what?

How would you finish that sentence?  I'm looking for a mix of humour and accurate observation in a few choice (family friendly) words.

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canida6 years ago
All of your (numerous) scars have a story that starts "so I was working on..."
Kiteman (author)  canida6 years ago
Over my years as a school first-aider, I think I have probably asked nearly 200 children the same question:

Why do you think they're called hot glue guns?
canida Kiteman6 years ago
I continually re-learn the following:

1) Hot things are hot.
2) Things that touch hot things may also be hot.
3) Things can stay hot for a long time.
4) Hot glue sticks to you.
5) Hot glue does not shake off.
6) Refer to rule #1, 2, and 3.
4a) Always keep a bowl of cold water handy when using hot glue.
Why, why, that goes against all the common sense rules of safety for not being prepared for emergencies and trying to keep your workspace as full of potential hazards as possible. Besides, keeping a bucket of water near open live electronics is always a good thing. I will do that next time. Thanks for the tip!
No, you stand in the bucket of cold water while working on electronics.

What are they teaching people these days?
Honus canida6 years ago
Oh that is so true!
ostomesto6 years ago
When limits is a dirty word, impossible is just a big challenge, when you know the people at home depote on a first name basis, so say screw that to size doesnt matter, a box of junk is a box of opportunities, you think gravity sucks, and you only buy things to use them for their unintended purpose, you start a project to finish another

And you know your a maker and are proud to be different
...When you can't see the floor for all the boxes and crates of tools, salvaged components and stuff labelled "work in progress", and the desk is burried under several layers of projects and ancient test equipment.

...When you find yourself wondering why you know how to do all the bizzare, unusual and obsolete (yet useful) that you do.
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