You no longer have an excuse to make bad Knex guns.

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MegaMetal86 years ago
Nice, ill post this to noobs making block triggers
DJ Radio6 years ago
How long did it take you to write that up?
oodalumps (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
I don't remember. I started it earlier this year.
TheDunkis6 years ago
Technically, wouldn't fin ammo be the most aerodynamic, actually affecting the air around the bullet while oodammo simply distributes its weight in such a way to make it less prone to spinning out?
oodalumps (author)  TheDunkis6 years ago
"of all known pure Knex ammo"

"pure knex" is the difference. finammo is the most aerodynamic, but it's not built entirely out of knex.
nice one ooda