You want you picture on money (closed)

Im done do it your self at ok? ok! OK!!! seriously

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goeon (author) 7 years ago
Its closed :| try it yourself at
do it on this
supersonic is awesome.jpg
goeon (author)  i can go supersonic7 years ago
Does anyone read
Dr.Paj goeon7 years ago
Not often enough, but you may want to change the description. It still says "post your picture..." before going on to say "do it yourself at..."

Just a heads up.
goeon (author)  Dr.Paj7 years ago
LoneWolf7 years ago
If your still doing this could you do this pic for me.

Thanks a ton!!!
Read my comment below, May 2009. Which prompted the edit to "Im done do it your self at ok? ok! OK!!! seriously " (above)
(Do read things before posting comments)


Yeah I know, I realized that after I had already posted the comment. Sorry.

goeon (author)  LoneWolf7 years ago
Im sorry, but im done with this. this was just something to do to waste time in the summer give it a try here

Nice to see a fellow Mythbusters fan on the site 

LoneWolf goeon7 years ago
Thanks for the link! I'll give it a shot.

Oh Yeah!!! Go Mythbusters :)
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