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I desided I would provide a space for fellow artists in the Instructables community to display, comment on, and discuss their art freely. If you have a website or an art instructable that you want to share, you can post a link to it here.
Feel free to post images of your work or discuss about supplies, techniques, etc. This forum is completely open to your art.
I had an idea from SacTownSue. You can post your art here, or join this group, creat a topic, and post your art as that topic. This will be much more organised.
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LoneWolf7 years ago
Holy rock at drawing!!!!!!!!!!! Here's two of mine, both works in progress
Honus10 years ago
So here's some of my art work- I really enjoy pencil drawing (and drawing motorcycles) but I've been know to grab a paint brush every now and then.... Unfortunately the pencil drawings just don't photograph that well- maybe I can get some better pics later.
HarleyVR1000.jpgCagivaV591.jpgBritten V-1100.jpgELF2lineart.jpgpainting1.jpgVenusandAdonis.jpg
mg0930mg Honus8 years ago
If you could paint me a motorcycle I would so buy it. =D
Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)  Honus10 years ago
Wow. VERY detailed. excellent work, are you a designer?
Well- kind of.... I used to work as a designer in the bicycle industry but for the last nine years I've been working as a jeweler. I've been freehand drawing ever since I was a little kid and I guess it just came very naturally to me. What's interesting is that the Venus and Adonis oil study was actually the first oil painting I ever did- I worked on it on and off for a couple of months, during the evening after work ( I think I still have some polaroids I took during the process. ) I painted it because I had been showing my more abstract paintings at a couple of art openings and people would say "oh yeah, but you abstract guys can't REALLY paint", which kind of drove me to paint it for a one man show I did at a local gallery. I took the painting in and hung it up right next to my other paintings, which really surprised a lot of people! I usually like to paint fairly big- my normal work usually measures around 3ft to 4ft square and the Venus and Adonis measures 47" x 57". Most of the motorcycel drawings measure 15" x 20". All this work here was done in the early 90's- it's been a while since I've picked up a paintbrush. I'm glad you like the work! :)
Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)  Honus10 years ago
Way to show those abstract haters who's boss! That's really good, It's hard to believe it's your first oil painting you ever did. What other mediums do you do?
I've been of the opinion for a while that abstract art is a bit like the technical white papers of CGI. Neither of which should appear in the museum or theatre, but both are necessary to figure out new techniques . . .
Honus royalestel10 years ago
I used to think the exact same way- until I saw some of the great action painters' works in person. I'm a big fan of Franz Kline in particular......
royalestel Honus10 years ago
Perhaps someday I too will be impressed by the abstract art crowd. I mean, sometimes one can be in awe of the sheer size of some works, but I can't help feel that abstract artists' work is too obtuse or obfuscated to actually communicate with the audience. It is a major aim of mine to engender emoting in the audiences of my work. I know that some abstractionists have the same goal as me, but I find that somehow I cannot see the worth in a painting that looks like an accident. Even Picasso, considered by many to be a great artist whose skill gave weight to abstraction, I never thought his realistic work was that skillful or his abstract work that creative. But I have to say, I feel that if I didn't have strong opinions as to what constitutes art, I would not be an artist. I have something to say. I'm no art critic. Anyhow, as long as you don't think I'm a reptile-brained intolerant for thinking this way, I'll be happy to applaud your successes in the art field through abstractionism, even if I don't care for it myself. Cheers!
Honus royalestel10 years ago
I totally respect your opinion- the beauty of art is that it means a great many different things to many people. I was taught more as a classical artist and I have a great appreciation for the Old Masters. I'm personally not that big a fan of Picasso either and I just can't stand Rothko. I do like a few of Pollock's and Motherwell's paintings though.... I'm generally of the opinion that the worst thing you have as a painter is no reaction at all to your work. I actually once got a really nice compliment from Helen Frankenthaler and that just made my day! I do like the work on your site very much. It's been over ten years since I even picked up a paintbrush- I've been slacking off on my art but I have been working a lot in metals lately. :D
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