Your Most Painful Moments.

I was wondering with all the home crafted weapons what you would classify as the MOST painful moment in you life so far. When were you in the most pain of your life time, was it after being shot with a paint ball gun or when you stubbed you toe against that stupid door.

Ohh and once you have remembered remember to give it a pain rating from 1 to 10, 1 being not too painful and 10 extremely painful. I'm sorry if it brings back bad memories but i was just interested.

My most painful moment was when i was playing cricket we used to whittle out points to make the stumps then flick them in to the ground, one time i over judged it and it hit me hard on the shin I sat with an ice pack on it for about 2 hours and had a lump the size of an egg!

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I'd say my worst pain was when I was at the dentist and they "numbed" my mouth but when they did the drilling for my filling I felt everything- it wasn't numbed and I told them and they kept going. 8/10
mikmkt937 years ago
i would say that when i had my appendix burst that was probably the highest possible. if an airsoft gun is 7 out of 10 as somebody else said then the appendix breaks the scale with like a 40.. a real taser and a modded 1500 v bug zapper are about 5, maybe 6 for a shock knife i made (accidentally used too many amps lol bad idea) breaking both my arms at a 3 falling off a roof onto a pipe and needing stitches in my eyebrow 6
Hmm, the most painful (preventable) moment was when I got bit by a MOT, fortunately it was only across one hand (if it had gone across my heart it probably would have killed me) That hand was seized up for about 10 minutes, it burned me real nice on the palm of my hand and carved a chunk out of my knuckle. 4-5 pain-wise.
puglover377 years ago
i was making a tazer fronm a disposable camera when i accidently touched the wire. My body lock up and I blacked out for a moment. About a 6 or 7 on the scale
Plasmana8 years ago
Let me see... Not the most painful, but that is all I got. Getting shocked by the mains house power. 4 on pain oh meter Burning my self with soldering iron. 2.5 on pain oh meter Ocasinally get bitten by high voltage from flybacks and capacitors. 1 on pain oh meter.
ry259209 years ago
Nut shot in paintball.... 8 on the pain meter, or higher. not much to say but OUCH!!!
I bet that one did hurt. I almost got hit there one day, it was about an inch off.
I once got shot in the ear from 20 feet away with an airsoft it wasnt to stron but still hurt
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